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Member since:    2000                                                                            

Riding since:    1964

Current bike/s:     BMW R1100 RT

The bike I would love to own:     BMW 1200 GS

Bikology:    In UK: BSA c15 (first bike), Triumph, Norton. In Australia: Honda 750, CX 500,CX 500 Turbo, Harley 1200, BMW R1100 RT

Worst bike and why:    All bikes are good.

My longest trip on a bike:    Perth to Melbourne and back.

Ulysses history:    Perth, Warnbro Sound Wanderers.

 AGM’s, Odysseys and Rallies attended:         AGM’s:    4

                                                                        Odysseys:  4

                                                                        Rallies:  2

What I love about Ulysses:   Great group of people.

Dumbest thing I've ever done on a bike:    Riding from Border Village in South Australia to Safety Bay in 15½ hrs, 1556kms. Should have gone on for another 100kms to complete the Iron Butt Ride (1600kms in 24hrs).

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