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Member since: 2000

Riding: since: 1974

Current bike :FJR 1300

Bike I would love to own: Got it

Biology ( History of Bikes owned )CB 175,RD250,VFR 750, CBR 1000 x2,CB 1300, CBR 1100 Blackbird, FJR 1300AE

 Worst bike and why :

My longest trip :Touring Vic, Philip Island from Perth.

Ulysses history ( positions held, previous branches etc.) :

AGMs, Odysseys or Rallies attended :

Where I have ridden ( Interstate or overseas ):Vic, NSW,SA and UK

Favorite caf'e or bakery :All of them.

Favorite road :Great Alpine Road Vic.

Anything else you want to tell us??? 




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