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Member: since 2015

Riding: since 18 years of age

Current bike : Honda Goldwing 1800GL Trike

Bike I would love to own: Got it

Biology ( History of Bikes owned )Started with Honda 125, Honda 250, Triumph Bonneville and Honda 550

Worst bike and why : None

My longest trip : A virgin to long trips so would have to be Shark Bay in 2016

Ulysses history ( positions held, previous branches etc. : none

AGMs,Odysseys or Rallies attended : Moora 2015, Shark Bay 2016, Kalbari 2017

Where I have ridden ( Interstate or overseas ): Vietnam 2017

Favorite caf'e or bakery : All are good but particularly like Donnybrook

Favorite road : Anywhere with glorious views , country side or ocean

Anything else you want to tell us??? My riding these days is all about comfort and the journey, don't care how long it takes.  The mind might be 30 years of age but this 67 year old body reminds me to pace myself !!! Love taking my little dog Bella with me wherever possible. Love the time I spend with my Ulysses Club " Family ". Hope I can keep riding well into my 80's or thereabouts.



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